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3:13 AM



For the geeks: I just discovered a wiki for lyrics, named, obviously,

For the non-geeks: I love music. I love lyrics. I not-so-love misunderstanding lyrics. I love the internet. I love websites that display lyrics. I love Google. I love googling "lyrics 'song name' 'band name'" and quickly finding the lyrics to the song whose lyrics I can't fully understand. I not-so-love when that website gets the lyrics wrong. I love wiki technology, as it lets me (along with the rest of the planet) edit whatever knowledgebase is storing a specific knowledge-set. lets me search for song lyrics, yay, but if the lyrics I've found are incorrect, the wiki lets me edit them to make them more accurate for the next person, double-yay!

For now, does not require a sign-up. I edited the lyrics to Pink Floyd's "Run Like Hell" without any greater effort than clicking on the edit tab. That's a bit Wild West, but, for my money, that's how I like the Internet.


Suldog said...

Yeah, it pisses me off, too, when they get the lyrics wrong. I'll have to check that out - and put on my proofreader's hat :-)