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I've read some internet chatter suggesting that Apple is, relatively soon, going to stop making iPods with hard drives. Instead, they seem focused on flash drives.

If I'm mistaken, forgive me (and correct me), but isn't the largest flash drive on the market only about 16GB? I have an 80GB iPod and it isn't big enough to house my entire music collection. Is Steve Jobs planning on giving folks like me the kiss-off, to focus selling smaller iPods to consumers who just use their iPod as a shuffle that they reload with every computer re-connect?

This might be (probably is) a money thing. Maybe music geeks like me are in the minority, and most consumers don't actually have large collections of tunes. Hmmm.

Maybe I'll have that surgery to make my thumbs smaller, so I can actually use an iPhone. Or not.

And, since it's Friday, and since this post is really all about music, here are some more recommendations for your ears. This time, I'll name some performers/composers who may not have acquired your familiarity just yet:

Vernon Reid
Bill Frisell
Ulrich Schnauss
Sweet Honey in the Rock

Talvin Singh
Sidney Bechet
Edgar Froese
Horace Silver
Mike Keneally
Ralph Towner
Penguin Cafe Orchestra

Bobby Womack
Los Straitjackets
Messer Chups

They're all excellent and worth a sincere listen.

Peace Be Unto You

Shabbat Shalom,

Ha-yanayim meod,

Shmuel Hillel ben Moshe


Allen said...


Have no fear ... much larger solid state drives are on the horizon. Some links:

Samsung announced a 64 GB 1.8 inch drive ...

A-Data has a 2.5 inch 128 GB drive ...

And finally, PQI announced a 256GB drive ...

Some of these links are old .... there may be even newer developments.

I think the problem (for the next few years) will not be capacity, but cost. The early adapters will (as usual) pay dearly for bragging rights to their new "toys". But soon enough, the mechanical hard drive will be replaced with solid state electronics.

cherylann said...

check out this website- thought you would appreciate the post.

David said...

Apple is not going to reduce iPod capacities. The biggest reason is that iPods need the ability to store movies, lots and lots of movies. We're just getting started with the capacity gear up.
-- Dave

Stu said...

Last Hurrah For HDD in iPods

The above article points to some math, so I may be wrong. The math suggests that Apple will probably double storage space on iPods every year, as they reduce production of HDD iPods.


2007 - 16GB
2008 - 32GB
2009 - 64GB
2010 - 128GB

If I understand things, I need to make my 80GB iPod last until at least 2010. If my math is correct, and my inferences are correct, this seems like a potential bummer for me.

David said...

I think you have a bigger bummer to look forward to. Read about Universal Music and their upcoming subscription service. Yeah, I know, we've seen this before, and I am ALWAYS skeptical about competing music services, but this one is a real danger to Apple. The consortium behind it is in bed with Microsoft (not so big a deal) but they control more than 75% of the music sold in the US (a VERY big deal).

Worth investigating...

-- Dave Mark

Stu said...

If you're suggesting that the bummer will be that I will have to either learn how to hack my music so that Universal downloads will play on my iPod, or that I will be forced to stop downloading music and stay with buying CDs and ripping them myself, I'm cool either way.

If I have to give up my iPod, that would be a bummer, but I don't see that happening.

And, if I did, I've played with a Zune, and while it's no iPod, not by a long-shot, it's not a bad media player.