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This. Is. Awesome.

Ann Coulter, conservative author and pundit, has absolutely gone 'round the bend. I mean, she was always a little off to me, like milk that has just turned, but this latest news opens up a whole new galaxy of unpleasantness:

On the CNBC show "The Big Idea," host Donny Deutsch interviewed Ann Coulter about her latest book. At some point, Ms. Coulter's brain must have stripped its gears, because she started suggesting that we should all be Christian, and that "...we just want Jews to be perfected..."

Amazing. And while I am not sure who the "we" represents to her, my assumption is that she was referring to other Christians.

You have to read the transcript to get a better picture of Ann Coulter, who I thought I knew, but... well, this really paints a bit of a different picture. Ann Coulter, ladies and gentlemen... bless her heart.

I've met a bunch of Christians in my life, and never once has one of them suggested to me that I was less than perfect because I was Jewish.


Barbara said...

She's really gone overboard.

I love the new Yankee logo! I may hafta steal it for my blog. the only thing is that it's made your sidebar disappear again.

Your Favorite Yankee Fan

Stu said...

How's the sidebar now?

Barbara said...

Much better. I like looking at your blog much better than my own.

Stu said...

Thanks Barbara, that's quite a compliment. Let me create a post about yours...