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I was talking to my brother, the author Dave Mark, and we discussed civil rights and oppressive government tactics. Another friend just talked to me about this yesterday, so...

I gots me to thinking, I'll bet there are some folks who don't have a copy of the ACLU's BustCard in their wallet. So here's a link to the pdf file, so all you have to do is print it, fold it, and keep it on your person at all time, just in case you are accosted by an ill-informed peace officer. Or just get busted for DWM.

You never know when you're going to get out of an arrest for, y'know, being smarter than a cop. Better know your rights.

    Know Your Rights
    The Clash

    This is a public service announcement
    With guitar
    Know your rights all three of them

    Number 1
    You have the right not to be killed
    Murder is a CRIME!
    Unless it was done by a
    Policeman or aristocrat
    Know your rights

    And Number 2
    You have the right to food money
    Providing of course you
    Don't mind a little
    Investigation, humiliation
    And if you cross your fingers

    Know your rights
    These are your rights

    Know these rights

    Number 3
    You have the right to free
    Speech as long as you're not
    Dumb enough to actually try it.

    Know your rights
    These are your rights
    All three of 'em
    It has been suggested
    In some quarters that this is not enough!

    Get off the streets
    Get off the streets


Suldog said...

Believe me, Stu, I've got the card memorized! Thanks for providing the link. It is a great thing to have either on your person or in your head.

Barbara said...

That's a cool bustcard.