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My very good friend Marty is the gallery manager (or whatever his title is) for Modern One, a furniture gallery in Beverly Hills. I went there yesterday, for my first visit. Marty gave me the grand tour, and I was overwhelmed.

The beauty of Modern One is multi-faceted, like a rare diamond. I've shopped in Beverly Hills a number of times, as well as in other areas of Los Angeles. Most galleries out here in L.A. are ok, but nothing great. The ones in Beverly Hills, especially furniture, are pretty nice, nothing to sneeze at, but Modern One is a step above.

First, it's immaculately arranged and cleaned. It was like walking into a modern furniture museum. And the furniture, the chairs, the tables, the lamps, the sculpture, the glass objets d'art... simply breathtaking. All done by famous artists, like Sergio Bustamante, Edward Wormley, George Nakashima, Charlotte Perriand, Paul T. Frankl, Paul László, and many others.

Second, the place is pristine. Gorgeously arranged, each piece juxtaposed with the next, showing a real craft.

Third, I watched Marty with a few of the customers and he is brilliant. He's not a sales guy, not in his public persona, he's far from that. He's moral to the core, so he doesn't ever come across in a sales-y way. Very mellow, congenial, helpful, and completely unassuming. A first for Beverly Hills!

Yes, he's a really great friend, so this post may appear to have some bias. But I'm 40 and well past my "full of crap" stage. I lie to no-one. So when I tell you that Modern One is a great place to dress up your 6 bedroom, 8 bath home in Beverly Hills or Manhattan Beach or San Francisco or New York or Tokyo, trust me, I've been in enough galleries to know greatness. At least, that's my opinion, I'm no expert, just a guy who loves Art.

Anyway, if you're in Los Angeles, take a drive over to Beverly Blvd, it's near the corner of Fairfax. You'll dig it, I promise you that.

Marty's favorite pieces include a breathtaking Silas Seandel Copper and Brass Game Cube... I mean, just breathtaking.


Dangermouse said...

Who's Art? Where'd ya meet 'im?