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Quick story, you'll love this:

I bought a postcard for someone using eBay - The name of the Ebay seller is Adam Hersh, running a business called GetZat - The postcard cost .99¢ - I bought the card, figuring there would be a few others, and it would be worth the shipping, as I'd be able to bulk the postcards, maybe buy 5 or 10. However, after I got the one postcard, I searched and searched throughout the online store GetZat - Hardly any postcards, mostly posters, and the postcards they had didn't fit the bill. So I sent a reply through eBay, as I was hoping to be let out of the agreement.

I sent several emails and called his toll-free number several times. I heard nothing in return. Nothing. Not a sausage.

Guess what? eBay notified me that I was going to get a black mark on my file if I didn't pay. I immediately called Mr. Adam Hersh, which took a while to track down his actual office number, and spoke to him. Not only did he not offer even a sleight apology for the lack of response to my many messages, he said I only had two choices, as "you entered into a binding contract" - One, pay for the card, fulfilling my obligation, or pay a $2.50 restocking fee - on a .99¢ postcard. So, having no real recourse, without involving a lawyer, I paid for the postcard, 'cause paying the restocking fee would have been painful and there'd be nothing to show for it. Better to have the postcard.

Here's the big finish - How much did I pay for the .99¢ postcard?


Nope, that's not a typo - $8.58

For a .99¢ postcard.

So, if you are googling a review of Adam Hersh and his business, GetZat, please think twice before committing to anything with him.

And, of course, it was a gift. I thought about not posting this entry, but I know that I get google hits when I mention words like "review" and such, so I figured that while this might taint the gift to a certain reader, the fact that I might save at least one citizen consumer from Mr. Adam Hersh (see how I keep repeating his name?) and GetZat, this would make up for it.

To repeat: My review of Getzat and Mr. Adam Hersh - poor customer service, inflexible, outrageous shipping/insurance costs (profits)... So if you're considering buying something from Getzat or Adam Hersh Posters, I'd be extremely cautious.

Next up: a possible essay on why I like my wife.


David said...

You DO have some power here. You can (and should) leave a VERY negative review for him, given how you feel. Negative reviews are a scourge for eBay sellers and most will do whatever is necessary (within reason) to fix a bad review and have it withdrawn.
That said, it might be that he is actually insane and will laugh at your negative review. He can also post a negative review of you as a buyer, which might impact you, perhaps.
And THAT said, consider this from his side. Bad customer service, no doubt, but you DID make the bid on the postcard without doing your research first. Not his fault. Buyers who want to take back their bids are ALSO the scourge of eBay sellers.
Food for thought. Now what would Polya do?
-- Dave