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So, for those who are not news junkies, these are not the droids you're looking for.

But, for those who dig on current events, I've got a really excellent theory that is completely crazy:

What if Larry Craig is a willing patsy for the Republicans, who are trying to deflect attention away from the Justice Department's investigation into Gonzales possibly giving false/misleading testimony to Congress.

Hear me out:

Sen. Craig is old, and there was a decent chance that he was going to retire anyway (not seek reelection). If enough evidence is presented to prove that Attorney General Gonzales lied to Congress, that it's true that he was personally involved in any number of mis-steps that he then denied being a part of... Hey, that'd be bad for the Republican Party in a John Mitchell sort-of way.

Well, what if some really smart/evil Republican came up with this great idea:

Convince Larry Craig to become a sacrificial lamb. Use the FBI to tail the local police's vice squad, to learn their patterns. Wait until the Gonzales probe is close to an official start. Have Craig bait an undercover officer, create a meaningless, yet incredibly watchable scandal. All of America looks in Craig's direction, completely missing the far more important news/history story of Gonzales. Classic magician's use of misdirection.



Lori said...

with the shrub admin anything is possible and believable at this point.

Barbara said...

A youtube video I thought was funny:

You might think it's funny too.