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My bud Sully reminded me of a post that's been brewing in my cabesa: Television Recommendations! Why read when you can get the gist of a story along with visual elements!!

First, as Sully said, you can never watch too much House. Hugh Laurie is eminently watchable, no matter what, but if you're into medical dramas, "House, M.D." is a medical reworking of Arthur Conan Doyle's "Sherlock Holmes" characters. Very excellent.

Next, seriously consider investing time in the show John From Cincinnati. It's on HBO, so if you don't get HBO, really, what's up with you? JFC is a truly stunning bit of tv theatre. It's surreal, accessible, and, for the most part, contains pitch-perfect acting. Specifically note-worthy is Ed O'Neill's work. He may be at the pinnacle of his talent, or this may be the beginning of a brilliant third act from a man with an underappreciated resume.

For folks without serious cable/satellite systems, check out Saving Grace on TNT. Holly Hunter stars and produces. It's tremendous stuff, really. Both honest in its grit and vulgarity, as well as beatific in its philosophical depths. Absolutely my new favorite show.

Obviously your mileage may vary, and obviously there's other things to do with your time (which I'm happy to explore in future posts), such as listen to Thelonious Monk's "Monk's Blues" - an album for Mom, Dad, as well as the swinging hipsters who know a good horn section when they hear it.


Suldog said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Stu.

MY WIFE and I were discussing this the other night: There are the obvious Holmes-House similarities, such as drug usage to stave off boredom. We were trying to figure out just who is his "Watson", though. Is it the obviously-named Wilson? Or is it a combo of his three (for lack of a better term) lackeys? And is Dr. Cuddy Irene Adler from A Scandal In Bohemia? I'm sure you can come up with many more.

I'm sure you may have also caught the most obvious (yet still a bit obscure) reference: Holmes (Homes) = House.

Dangermouse said...

HBO...Are you buyin'? ;)