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Ok, so here's the deal: I have had long hair, off-and-on, since I was 18. Every once in a while (bed-bug in a glass tube, for Dad), I get the urge to trim it short. Mostly out of boredom, somewhat out of protection against my anxiety symptom of gagging (the long hair sometimes tickles the front of my throat)...

Well, not too long ago, I got a wild hair up my nose and decided to cut my hair. But I just didn't want to wait, so I grabbed some scissors and my beard trimmer and went to town. I saved at least $50, a schlep to the salon, boredom of pre-haircut waiting, as well as the boredom of the actual cutting, and I get to say I cut my own hair and I didn't wreck it.

As for the photo, it was a self-portrait that I put together in a minute, so I know it could be better. But I'm late for lunch, so that's the way it goes.

Also, for those who just read the feed, you may want to stop by the actual blog to read comments, 'cause Mom beats up on my other friends, which is totally awesome. Really cool to know that Ma has my back.

Also, I'll be stopping by the market, does anyone need anything?


dad said...

The haircut looks great! You can cut my hair any time. It is so nice that you remember the old corny jokes. Did you save the long hair?

Suldog said...

Well, it sure looks a lot better in this photo than in the other one where you were on the cliff! Did you use a Flow-Bee?

(Hee-Hee. Do you know what a Flow-Bee IS?)

Suldog said...

And to Stu's Mom:

I have no doubt that I love you. You raised Stu, after all, so you must be a wonderful lady. Peace?

Mom Mark said...

Mom Trudy said to suldog

Peace, suldog. If you are Stu's friend, you are my friend. Thank you for the compliment! You sound like a great friend. Stu is lucky!

Mom Trudy