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I got a phone call from Noelle today - She stopped by the house to hang out while Nich went to a soccer party, and she found Exit had passed away during the night.

Noelle mourned Exit's declining health, but not her passing. She said she felt ok with things, as Exit was no longer in pain. I admire her for that.

It was hard being away when this happened, especially as we weren't able to provide her comfort, especially during the funeral. But her big brother was there and I'm sure he took care of things.

Leslie cried more than I did, as she was closer to our grand-rat - she was the one who fed and watered her every morning. It's a tough loss.

I was reminded of John Lennon -

    Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans.


LT said...

this is for noe - so sorry sweetie!!!! so proud of how you and nich took such good care of your pet at the end. you are a remarkable humanoid!!!! i love you to the moon and back!!!!! aunt lori

Mom/Gram said...

To our daughter and granddaughter,

I am so very sorry that your pet passed, but like noe said he is not in pain any longer. I felt sad when my pal died, but I knew she was not hurting any longer. So glad that Nich helped take care of his sister, he is such a good person. And Stu, if you were home you would have taken good care of your children.

Love you all to pieces.