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12:59 PM



I bought these yesterday and they are crazy comfortable. It's early yet, so this is not an official endorsement of Crocs. But I will say that I dig them muchly. Thanks to Jon Armstrong for the influence.


Sharfa said...

Do not, under any circumstances, ever put them in the dishwasher.

Stu said...

I love Jon, I think he's got a great mind, but what in the love of all humanity was he thinking? I still can't picture him taking them out of the dishwasher without gagging. UGH!!!

Suldog said...

With or without socks? I assume without, but I've never seen them before. Soft plastic? Rubber?

Stu said...

Without socks. Yes, I am led to believe that, at least in America, they are considered a fashion don't. But I don't care about that. What I do care about is that socks make my feet uncomfortable. Most of the materials (including cotton) make me itchy. So, yeah, no socks, barefooted.

They are made of "croslite PCCR material" according to their website (my post has a link). This is a proprietary material. To me, it feels like foam, like a gym mat or yoga mat or waterproof cushioning. There is give to them, but it is hard to squeeze the material with two fingers, in a pinching motion.

They have nubs on the soles, which are an extra-wonderful bonus. They still feel a little odd, but my feet feel great!

Glory said...

I think they have all sizes although sometimes it is hard to find in my area. Theyrank out recently at my local store. I was look for Child Crocs for my two year old and they didn't have his size.. It's a pity they ran out of them. I found some Kid Crocs Shoes and got a good deal.

Erin said...

While I love my normal Crocs, I *adore* my Mary Jane Crocs - they are so much better looking, yet just as comfortable and versatile. If you are a woman, go the Mary Jane Croc route rather than the original route.

Anonymous said...

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